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[16 Dec 2004|06:53pm]
guys...i made yet another LJ..i had to, i was going community crazy for a while, and i shouldn't have, so I gotta pic 'n choose which ones i'm stayin' in and what not...so...here's the other one...__she_says__  and you know the deal...I'm not adding ANYONE there unless you post a comment cuz it's only fair to everyone else, kay?
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[13 Dec 2004|10:04am]
fill this out after readin' the last two updates, tay? Collapse )
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I think I'm going friends onlie... [01 Jul 2004|06:41am]
Sorry guys for the incovenience of yet another journal but since I got my computer up and running again it won't let me log onto any of my old journals...so here we go with the rules...

My jOurnal is friends only for a reason!!! so if ya wanna check it out, you gotta ask first....****comment people*****
Add me
I add you back *maybe* but more than likely I will cuz I love you all =]
BE ACTIVE IN THE JOURNAL!!! *cough* commenting *cough* I'll be sure to be active in yours my lovelies!!!


EDIT: Ok, *****add me****** THEN I'll add you...not ask me to add you and not have me added to yours, or add me to yours and not comment...haha, jeeze people, GET WITH THE PROGRAM YOU SILLY HEADS!!!
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